Fixing Systems

Stainless Steel Fixing Systems & Design

We usually choose a method of fixing based upon individual stone support.

Stones are supported with stainless steel fixings in vertical or horizontal joints. The fixings provide 3 dimensional adjustability, which provide 20 mm tolerance. This is normally adequate even if normal construction tolerances of the concrete frame are exceeded.

The brackets are fixed to the concrete using expanding bolts. This again allows for tolerances to be accommodated.

Brackets are allowed to be located to miss reinforcement bars to the concrete wall.

Where Stainless Steel Framework is required, the brackets are fixed directly to the frame by setscrews.

The advantage of the system can be summarised as follows:

1. Fixings manufactured to known and tested to design criteria.
2. Frame, Fixings and Bolts are all corrosion resistant Stainless Steel.
3. No bridging of cavity can occur, as brackets do not transport moisture. An open cavity is kept which allows free ventilation.
4. The waterproof barrier is at the concrete face and this continued into the window without interruption.
5. Joints between the stones can be maintained at a uniform size.
6. Thermal and substrate movement is accommodated into the joint.
7. The risk of progressive collapse is eliminated.
8. Individual stones can be replaced.
9. The Fixing System greatly reduces damage to the cavity insulation and cold reduces bridging.