Stone Selection

Natural Building stone is chosen as building's cladding because of its beauty, low maintenance and resistance to the effects of weather.

However, unless good judgement is exercised in the choice of the particular stone, the method of attachment, and the installation procedure, the benefits of the properly executed stone cladding can be lost. Installation design and techniques that fail to recognise the capabilities and limitations of the stone itself and that do not accommodate the forces at work on the stone, can result in the failure of this cladding material to function properly.

The thickness of the wall cladding panel is dependent on the height of the building, wind load, cavity and strength of the stone to be used.

The natural stone (cut to size, drilled-ready for installation) will be strongly packed by the supplier suitable to the method of transportation.

Interior and exterior paving for shopping malls, Hotel entrances, plazas, promenades and similar applications. If several varieties of marble are used together, care should be taken to insure that the abrasive hardness of the marbles are similar.

Marble paving units are pre cut and polished, fabricated to dimensions specified on shop drawings, and are delivered to the job site ready to install. Marbles selected for exterior paving generally should be with a minimum abrasive hardness of (HA) 10.0.

Size and thickness should be based on modulus of rupture of the marble, the unsupported span and the anticipated load. Standard thickness are 2cm, and 3cm.

Thicker material may be used as required.